non-molestation orders

Serve a Non-Molestation Injunction Order

If you have issued a Non-Molestation Injunction Order it is important to ensure this is now served on the respondent as soon as possible. Once served in London, the Order will offer you some form of protection. 

Once the Order has been served it will prevent, amongst other things the respondent from


Use or threaten unlawful violence towards the applicant;

Communication with the Applicant whether by letter, text or other means of communication other than through his or her Solicitor;

Coming within so many metres of a property;

Encouraging or instructing any other person to do anything which is forbidden by the terms of the Order

You must not serve the order yourself. You will therefore need to instruct a Process Server Bailiff to the serve the Non-Molestation Injunction Order for you.

A Process Server or Bailiff will attend the respondents home address or place of work and serve the Non-Molestation Injunction Order. Once served, you will receive a signed statement of service. This is your evidence the Order has been served and can be filed with the Police and also the Court.

The Respondent could be arrested if they breach the terms of the Order.

We provide this legal service in London and the rest of the UK.

You should always seek legal advice if required from a suitably qualified Solicitor. You can find a Solicitor here.

Instruct a Process Server

Domestic Violence Non-Molestation Orders

Anyone can suffer domestic abuse and it can come in different forms from Emotional Abuse, Threats and Intimidation, Physical Abuse and Sexual Abuse. 

If you, or someone you know, is a victim of domestic abuse first and foremost find out how to Report Domestic Abuse (.gov website)

Once you have taken the steps of issuing Court proceedings then you will need to instruct a Process Server to assist you with service of the Order. This is where we can offer you assistance. You can instruct one of Process Servers to attend the Respondents home address or place of work to serve the Non-Molestation Order for you. You must not serve the Order yourself.

Once the Order has been served on the Respondent the Order may, amongst other things prevent the Respondent from communicating with you by email, text or other means, from threatening you, encouraging others to threaten you, coming near your property or damaging your property

Instruct a Process Server