Instruct a Process Server In London

Instruct a Process Server in London

When instructing one of our Process Servers in London, please include an email address and the contact name of the person dealing with the case. We will normally confirm safe receipt of your documents either by email or telephone.

Check the following before instructing us:-

  • Check the Process Server has sufficient time for service - if the deadline for service is less than 5 days away you must contact us first by telephone or email so we can confirm we are able to assist and plan for your instructions.
  • Check the name of the person being served is correct - if it is incorrect, you must take it back to the Court and ask them to amend it. Only a Court Officer is able to make the amendment - doing it yourself may invalidate the document. Failing to amend it can result in the service being invalid.

  • Check the service address is complete - although an incorrect or incomplete address does not invalidate your documents, it can cause a delay serving your document.
  • Check whether you can provide us with any other useful information - by providing the following sort of information we can ensure our Process Servers attend at the right times and speak with the right people: -
    • Times when the subject is likely to be home
    • Work address
    • Vehicle details
    • Physical description or photo
    • Age or date of birth

Failing to provide us with relevant information may delay or prevent us being able to serve your papers in a timely manner. We cannot stress enough the importance of providing information before we attend the address.

instruct us BY EMAIL

We Make It Easy To Instruct Us

The quickest way to instruct a Process Server in London is by email. Simply send your instructions and attach the papers for service to

Alternatively, if you require the original papers serving post your instructions to us. Please remember to send two copies - a set for service - and a set for our records!


Instruct us by Post

Remember Our Process Servers Are Local

Our Head Office may be in Leeds, but we have Process Servers serving Court papers in London every day! We provide legal service of Court papers UK-Wide

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